Communications in our genes was founded by the brother and sister team Robert and Roos Anemaet. With communications in our genes we had little choice – we both went for careers in this profession.

As marketing and communications experts we are completely at home in several sectors of business, amonst others property, business services, retail or events. We have helped countless companies promote themselves better and we have done this both as employees and as sole traders. We would very much enjoy being of service to you too!


Robert Anemaet
Marketing & Communications expert

“As a social personality, I have the strong ability to project myself in the interests of a company, its management, employees and business contacts. In my career I have developed into a strategist in the field of marketing and communication. It is my passion to spar about corporate identity and opportunities for organizations. Think how to attract customers through a sharpened marketing strategy, improving internal and external communication and establishing real connections. We will start using a practical plan of approach. And our focus will be online and offline.”


Roos Anemaet
Coach / Internal Communications expert

“More and more organizations are realizing that communication and personal development are important factors in achieving a good operating result. The people in a company are the roots of the organization. Supporting them in their development ensures sustainable business. Just like ensuring good mutual communication and leadership that fits in with this time. Communication and management can make or break relationships in a company. I have developed into an expert in the field of internal communication. I support, I coach individuals and I’m a communication trainer for groups.”