Communications in our genes was founded by the brother and sister team Robert and Roos Anemaet. With communications in our genes we had little choice – we both went for careers in this profession.

We are completely at home in several sectors of business, be it property, business services, retail or events. We have helped countless companies promote themselves better and we have done this both as employees and as sole traders. We would very much enjoy being of service to you too!


Robert Anemaet

“As a social personality, I have the strong ability to project myself in the interests of a company, its management, employees and business contacts. I will share my thoughts and advice calmly and confidently – rest assured, you can leave it to me. Whatever happens, I will make sure that the right message is brought across as effectively as possible and that every job gets done!”


Roos Anemaet

“After 15 years of working as a consultant in traditional marketing, I discovered that communicating from a fabricated image no longer works. People want authenticity, including myself! There are so many companies that offer all the same. Which to choose? We’re going to select on different characteristics. On honesty, passion and like-mindedness. It pays to be an entrepreneur who stays close to yourself. From showing what you believe and why you do what you do, to exposing the story behind the company. My expertise is finding the identity of a business and to translate this into effective communication.”